• Free STEM Conservation Lesson Plan about Grizzly Bears!

  • We believe that conservation should be based on sound science

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  • We help youth develop conservation awareness through scientific inquiry

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  • We work to conserve all eight species of bears worldwide….

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  • …through science-based education, research, management, and habitat conservation

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  • Spectacled Bear

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  • Sloth Bear

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  • Asiatic Black Bear (Moon Bear)

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  • Sun Bear

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Grizzly Bear Delisting Lesson

Bear Trust is pleased to announce the release of our STEM conservation lesson, “Grizzly Bears: Ready for Delisting?”. This is the first of 8 STEM lessons that will be included in our The Bear Book Volume II.  Download now for FREE!  Learn more…

Bear Basics for students

Learn about the eight species of bears worldwide and whether bears hibernate or not.  Cool fact……although all eight species are in the order Carnivora and family Ursidae, only the four species of bears of the North all share the same genus Ursus.  Each of the four species of bears of the South have different genera.. Learn More…

LIVE Distance Learning:  “Bear of the Month”

Bear Trust is partnering with Inspired Classroom and Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to bring field science into the classroom!  Meet renowned bear scientists and conservationists, learn about all 8 species of bears, ask a biologist a question…..  Learn more….

Project Initiatives

Bear Trust focuses on 4 primary project initiatives: 1) Conservation Education 2) Bear Research 3) Bear Management 4) Habitat Conservation

Contact Info

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Phone: (406) 523-7779

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