Vision and Mission

Bear Trust International is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 1999.  Bear Trust identifies needs in bear conservation and develops projects to address conservation needs.  Bear Trust delivers:  1) free STEM-based K-12 conservation education programs for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, 2) professional development opportunities for teachers, 3) relevant research on wild bears, 4) scientific results critical to effective bear conservation and management, and, 5) assistance to financially needy, bear-habituated communities.  Because Bear Trust values collaboration, we partner with governmental and non-governmental organizations worldwide to optimize time and resources.

Bear Trust Vision

Bear Trust International envisions a world where wildlife prospers in its natural habitat while co-existing with environmentally sensitive economic development.  We believe that wild bears in their natural habitat are key indicators of ecosystem health.  Their ability to sustain themselves is, therefore, critical to wildlife.  Bear Trust strives to reinforce ecosystem viability through habitat conservation and education projects that build on available research.

Bear Trust Mission

Bear Trust International works for wild bears and other wildlife through our core program initiatives: 1) Conservation Education, 2) Wild Bear Research, 3) Wild Bear Management, and, 4) Habitat Conservation.  Combined, these program initiatives address the many contexts that are necessary for effective wildlife conservation.