Advisory Committee

Brad Dale 

Brad grew up in the greater Edmonton area, located in Alberta Canada, where he spent most of his leisure time in the outdoors, whether it be hunting, fishing, hiking, or motorized sports. Through all of this, Brad has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience of the outdoors and all the wildlife inside of it. Brad also has extensive travel experience through business and hunting ventures, where he has seen many parts of the world and how wildlife and humanity coexist. From all his experiences, Brad has truly taken an understanding in how important Conservation is to the sustainability of all wildlife across the globe.

Brad’s life indoors has been focused towards his career in business. After high school Brad studied at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton where he acquired a degree in Business Management. Brad then went on to join the family business “Bob Dale Gloves” where he now works alongside with his father, Denis Dale. Since then he has taken the initiative to learn every aspect of the company to one day take over the reins and push Bob Dale Gloves to new heights.

Brad is excited to be a part of the Bear Trust Advisory Committee to help further the conservation of bears across the globe.


Garrett Long

Garret Long serves as the Exhibit and Sponsor Manager for the Wild Sheep Foundation, joining the team in 2018. Prior to joining WSF, Garrett was the conservation liaison for SITKA Gear. He has worked with a broad range of conservation organizations, creating industry support for impactful conservation efforts. Utilizing this momentum, he has been fortunate enough to speak at a number of conservation events, stressing the importance of outdoor industry involvement in impactful conservation opportunities.

Garrett was fortunate enough to be born and raised Bozeman, Montana, and has lived in Montana his entire life. Whether going for a quick fishing trip after football practice, or skipping a morning chemistry class after spotting elk on the way to school, he has always been drawn to the outdoors. Wild game meat was also the staple food source at the Long household, which instilled a very deep connection to the importance of public lands, access, and sustainable wildlife populations.

While acquiring his Bachelors of Science in Health and Human Performance, he developed his class schedule to meet the requirements for medical school. However, his need for continued involvement in the outdoors surpassed his desire for a career in medicine. Without a doubt, Garrett is certain he made the right choice.

Still living in Bozeman, Garrett and his wife Janna enjoy doing everything outside with their two dogs Hawk and West. Although unlikely, Hawk is a German Shorthair Pointer that excels at retrieving waterfowl, while West is a Labrador Retriever, primarily excelling at pheasant hunting. Garrett and Janna are both avid elk hunters, but look forward to the hopeful loss of their WSF < 1 Club membership in the coming years.


Jake Giguere

Jake grew up in Northwestern portion of British Columbia, Canada in the Hazeltons surrounded by the Skeena Mountains. Since Jake was young he has had a love and innate understanding of animals. This spurred his decision to attend the Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School in California and was the first Canadian to be recognized for the Rising Star award in 2012.
Jakes true loves aren’t limited to the outdoors. He shares his passions with his 8 year old daughter, Stella.
Jake’s right hand man is his German Short Haired Pointer Jack. He is Jake’s sidekick day in, day out and can be found hunting birds or in the mountains scouting for wildlife with Jake.
Jake has been a big game mountain and steelhead guide in BC, Alberta and the Yukon for the past 2 decades. Much of this time spent in the Spatsizi region, where he gained immense knowledge and understanding of grizzly bears.
Jake motto has always been ‘do what you love’ and he has done just that. His diverse experiences lends itself perfectly to be the new British Columbia Advisory Committee Member for Bear Trust International.


Kyle Horton

Kyle grew up in the greater Edmonton area of Alberta, Canada spending the majority of his time in
the Northern Alberta territory whether it be Hunting, Hockey or scouting wildlife. Growing up in
Canada, hockey was a strong obsession that was shared with hunting and the outdoors for all of
his life and was fortunate enough to play while being outdoors every chance he could get. Ever
since Kyle was a young boy, he had a love for the outdoors and a strong passion for wildlife.
After being on hunts with his dad as a kid he gained an appreciation and knowledge for wildlife
that would never go away. Kyle has been very active in sharing his love for the outdoors and
wildlife to set an example of how animals and hunters/conservationists can exist side by side
with great success for population sustainability. Kyle also manages his own active bear baits and
has the opportunity to go on his own bear hunts in Northern Alberta. Spending this much time
outdoors allows him to see the many positive aspects of hunting and the sustainability for the
population of both the bears and other ungulates.

Away from the Outdoor Lifestyle Kyle is very fortunate to work alongside two remarkable
individuals carrying a strong passion for wildlife, Bear Trust International Board of Director,
Denis Dale, and Advisory Committee, Brad Dale, for their Family Business of Bob Dale Gloves.

Kyle takes great pride in the importance of conservation to allow all species to strive and
succeed. He is proud to be part of the Advisory Committee of Bear Trust International!


Project Initiatives

Bear trust focuses on 4 primary project initiatives:

  1. Conservation Education
  2. Bear Research & Management
  3. Habitat Conservation
  4. Conservation Policy

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