Sergey Ivanov Art

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10% of all sales will be donated to Bear Trust to help fund our conservation work.

Sergey Ivanov:  Russian Wildlife Photographer

Bear Trust International is pleased to partner with Sergey Ivanov, who is donating 10% of print sales to Bear Trust’s conservation work to help ensure the future of wild bears!  Thank you, Sergey!

About the artist:  An overwhelming thirst for knowledge of wild nature, which appeared in Sergey’s early childhood, predestined his whole life. Thanks to his mother, Sergey learned to read very early. The famous writers-naturalists, as Gerald Durrell, Jean-Henri Fabre, Ernest Thompson Seton, Joy Adamson, Russian Michael Prishvin and Vitaly Bianki, became his idols. Through their amazing stories Sergey has opened a new look at the environment. Every flower, every shrimp struck his childish imagination. One day Sergey got a first camera in his hands, and this “crystal ball” became his magic tool to view the fascinating world around us.

No doubt, a choice of education and career was not a problem for Sergey. At first, it was Forestry College near Leningrad. Then, after the Army service, Sergey entered Game Management Faculty in Kirov. After graduation, he started his scientific career at Institute of game management and fur farming, where he was gathering material for a PhD thesis. At that time, his academic future looked more than successful, but the passion for photography has prevailed. Sergey headed the photographic laboratory of the Institute, and soon established his own photo studio, one of the first ones in the city.

Sergey’s life is full of journeys, traveling to the most amazing corners of the Earth. Alaska and South Africa, the Canadian Arctic and the equator, Kamchatka and Commander Islands, Far East and ancient Russian North, Spitsbergen and Franz Josef Land – this is just a short list of his destinations over the years. As a result, Sergey’s masterpieces were published many times in Russia and abroad, including New York Post, Daily Mail, The Sun, The Times, Daily Telegraph, and more. He has won many photo contests on wildlife, including the Russian National Geographic.

Project Initiatives

Bear trust focuses on 4 primary project initiatives:

  1. Conservation Education
  2. Bear Research & Management
  3. Habitat Conservation
  4. Conservation Policy

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