Bears of Durango

‘Bears of Durango’ is a short documentary film project that dives headfirst into bear dens with a team of wildlife researchers studying the effects of human development on bear behavior and bear population trends.

Dusty Hulet, a filmmaker based in Salt Lake City, has been documenting Dr. Heather Johnson and her research team as they collect data on wild black bears in and around Durango, Colorado. Footage includes winter den visits (cubs!), summer trapping to attach GPS collars, and more — all of which is being combined into a short documentary film, ‘Bears of Durango’.

Bear Trust International is a proud partner on this film project!  We will use the completed film as part of our conservation education outreach, online and in the classroom.  In addition, Bear Trust is creating a science-based lesson plan that corresponds with this film….using real-world data collected on the bears you see in ‘Bears of Durango’.  As with all of Bear Trust’s education programs, we’ll provide the film and corresponding lesson plan for free to educators, youth, and YOU!

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Dusty Hulet has already captured hours and hours of amazing footage of wild bears.  We are now in the post production phase. Please help us raise the final funding we need to complete this film.  Our kickstarter campaign is over, but you can still contribute by donating or contact our executive director for donation options:  Thank you!

“If we want our native biodiversity here, if we want these large carnivores to be back on our landscapes, ultimately we’re going to have to figure out, how do we coexist? How do we share a single landscape?” — Heather Johnson, PhD, Lead Wildlife Researcher.

Project Initiatives

Bear Trust focuses on 4 primary project initiatives: 1) Conservation Education 2) Bear Research & Management 3) Habitat Conservation 4) Conservation Policy

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