Frenchtown 5th graders present at professional conference today!

Today, three 5th grade students from Frenchtown School in Montana presented their GIS findings at the GIS Expedition to Discovery conference in Great Falls, MT!  And they rocked it!!!

Derryck Hughes, Isaac Chase, and Ben Phillippi are 3 of 16 Frenchtown students participating in a pilot GIS lesson plan developed by Bear Trust International and Rocky Mountain Research Station called “Treasure Hunt in the Treasure State“.  The team leaders have been John Hogland with the Rocky Mountain Research Station, Melissa Reynolds-Hogland with Bear Trust International, and Dalene Normand and Brandon Wood with Frenchtown School.

As part of this program, students have spent the last 2 months using GIS to create a predictive treasure map showing the locations of undiscovered gold.  Each student was tasked with identifying 3 potential gold sites that we will visit during our field trip on April 27th.

Watch the video to see how Derryck Hughes, Isaac Chase, and Ben Phillippi used GIS to select some of their potential gold mine sites!

Congratulations Derryck, Isaac, and Ben!!!


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