Grizzly Bears: Ready for Delisting?

As part of this STEM conservation lesson plan, students use real-world data to answer this question:  “Are grizzly bears ready for delisting?”

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  • Teachers don’t need to know anything about grizzly bears to use this lesson
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    • Teacher Guide
    • Student Pages
    • Answer Key
    • Results Show

This lesson follows a flipped learning model where teachers don’t stand before the class and lecture.  Instead, students become grizzly bear scientists and “discover” the answers to real-world research questions through scientific inquiry.

Using real-world demographic data collected over 30 years on grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, students work individually, in three Science Teams, and as a class to determine whether or not this grizzly bear population is biologically ready for delisting.

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Teacher Guide

Answer Key Note:  The answer key is passcode protected.  If you are an educator and want the answer key, please contact Bear Trust at:

Introductory Video “Grizzly Bears: Ready for Delisting?”  you can either watch this video on Vimeo by clicking on the link or watch the same video located at the top right of this page

Part II Slide Show “Grizzly Bears: Ready for Delisting?”
Note:  The Part II (Results Show) is passcode protected because it includes answers to questions in the Student Pages.  If you are an educator and want the passcode, please contact Bear Trust at:


There are 2 versions of the data that accompany this lesson plan:  Version A is designed to be more challenging and tasks students with doing calculations to fill in missing values in excel spreadsheets, graph data, and interpret findings.  Version B is spiraled down a bit (all cell values are filled in all of the excel spreadsheets).

Version A_Student Pages: Individual Activity

Version A: GYE Grizzly Bear Datasets

Version B_Student Pages: Individual Activity

Version B: GYE Grizzly Bear Datasets


TEAM 1:     Student Pages: Group Activity TEAM 1

TEAM 2:     Student Pages: Group Activity TEAM 2

Figure 1

TEAM 3:    Student Pages: Group Activity TEAM 3

Optional Extension Paper:  IGBST Report:  Response of grizzly bears to changes in foods





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