Right now, Bear Trust has volunteer internship opportunities available to highly motivated graduate students and undergraduate students.

To request an application, please contact Dr. Melissa Reynolds-Hogland:

Current Internship Opportunities:

1.  Help Disseminate our STEM Programs

Bear Trust is seeking interns who are experienced with presenting education programs to help us disseminate our free STEM curriculum.  Some interns will present overviews of our STEM curricula to teachers at STEM conferences and at other science education venues for teachers.  Some interns may chose to go into local high school classrooms as an associate instructor who implements some of our STEM curricula.

2.  Graphic Artist

Bear Trust is seeking an intern who is experienced with graphic design to create ads, signs, and other graphic media to help raise awareness of issues facing wild bears.  We also need ads, signs, and other graphic media to help raise awareness of Bear Trust International’s conservation programs.

3.  Organize Photo Data

Bear Trust is currently seeking an intern who is detail oriented to help organize a large data base of photos of American black bears, which we will use as part of one of our upcoming STEM curricula.

4.  Mini Research Project on All 8 Bear Species

Bear Trust is in the beginning stages of updating our Bear Basics pages on our website.  We are seeking an intern to help us with this project.  Here’s what we envision:  for each of the 8 bear species, we want to provide updated information on things like habitat, foods, IUCN status, etc. including citations for where information was gathered so that viewers can dig in deeper if they wish.  For each species, we also want to include a jazzy distribution map.  Interested?  Please contact Melissa:

Students do not need to reside in Montana to participate in this program.   Please contact Melissa at Bear Trust to learn more:










Project Initiatives

Bear Trust focuses on 4 primary project initiatives: 1) Conservation Education 2) Bear Research & Management 3) Habitat Conservation 4) Conservation Policy

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