NA Model of Wildlife Conservation

Bear Trust believes in the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, and all of our STEM conservation education lesson plans are rooted in this Model.

Specifically, we believe that wildlife conservation should be based on sound science.

To that aim, our lesson plans ask students to become wildlife scientists.  We give them real-world data and ask students to use the data to answer relevant, timely research questions, the answers to which have implications for real-world wildlife conservation.

Okay, but what IS the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation?

James Cummins recently summarized the tenets of this Model, and we want to share this summary with you!

To download this short summary of the Model, please click on the picture at left.

Project Initiatives

Bear trust focuses on 4 primary project initiatives:

  1. Conservation Education
  2. Bear Research & Management
  3. Habitat Conservation
  4. Conservation Policy

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