Survival of the Sun Bear

SURVIVAL OF THE SUN BEARS is a documentary film in process crafted as a CALL TO ACTION that informs the public and our youth about sun bears and their struggle to survive in the diminishing forests of Borneo.

Bear Trust is a partner on this wildly amazing film, created by filmmaker Jocelyn Stokes of Wild & Stoked. Jocelyn has been filming for over two years and we’re currently fundraising for the post-production phase.

After the final film is complete, Jocelyn will take the film on the festival circuit and then bring it back home to Bear Trust who will use the film as part of our science-based education programs both online and in the classrooms.

In addition, Bear Trust will create a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) lesson plan that builds on content in the film and provide the film and the STEM lesson for free to educators, youth, and the public!

Internationally, this film and lesson plan will be translated into Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, and Indonesian and used in schools and education centers in areas where sun bears live.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Jocelyn Stokes has already captured hours and hours of amazing footage of wild sun bears.  We are now in the post production phase. Please help us raise the final funding we need to complete this film by donating.

Photo credit: Jocelyn Stokes/Wild & Stoked

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