Ursus Society

Help Us Ensure the Future of Wild Bears by Joining the Ursus Society!

The Ursus Society has 4 Benefactor Levels enabling tax-deductible, donor directed gifts from $500 to $5,000 per year to program areas of the donor’s desire.  Donations can be made to Bear Trust’s Education Programs, Research Programs, Management Programs or to Operations to fund specific initiatives.  To learn more information or to join the Ursus Society, please contact Logan Young; (406) 523-7779; logan@beartrust.org

We proudly recognize our Ursus Society members (to date):


Gray Thornton

Tony Caliguiri

Mike Evans


Project Initiatives

Bear Trust focuses on 4 primary project initiatives: 1) Conservation Education 2) Bear Research & Management 3) Habitat Conservation 4) Conservation Policy

Contact Info

PO Box 10850
Bozeman, MT 59719
Phone: (406) 523-7779