Black Bears in WI

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Bear Trust International
USDA Forest Service

Project Site
Clam Lake in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest in Wisconsin

Project Summary
Bear-human conflicts are significant and ongoing in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, which hosts over 730,000 recreation visitors annually. Bears and other scavenging wildlife can become quickly and tragically habituated to trash left by humans. Despite the obvious need for bear-resistant containers in the Clam Lake Area, the Forest Service continues to face budget constraints and is unable to purchase them.  Bear Trust recognizes that rural communities and public land agencies frequently do not have the financial resources to purchase wildlife-resistant containers, even when bear-human incidents are significant and ongoing.  Therefore, Bear Trust seeks to recruit sponsors from the private sector to help purchase wildlife-resistant dumpsters for areas where wildlife, such as bears, are prone to take advantage of accumulated garbage—usually to their detriment.

In 2007, Bear Trust International implemented Phase I of the Clam Lake Region Project by installing 11 three-yard, wildlife-resistant dumpsters at campgrounds located in Sawyer, Ashland, and Bayfield Counties.

Phase II of the Clam Lake Region Project includes purchasing nine 4-yard bear-resistant dumpsters and four 32-gallon, bear-resistant containers to be placed in key areas where reducing bear nuisance behavior is particularly critical.

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Project Initiatives

Bear trust focuses on 4 primary project initiatives:

  1. Conservation Education
  2. Bear Research & Management
  3. Habitat Conservation
  4. Conservation Policy

Contact Info

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