Wood Bison Curriculum

Wood Bison?  But I thought Bear Trust focused on BEARS?

Yes, Bear Trust focuses much attention on helping conserve all 8 species of bears worldwide through science and education.  However, all of us at Bear Trust are also very interested in helping to conserve other wildlife species, too.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center asked Bear Trust to develop curriculum about wood bison, using some of the same techniques we use to develop curriculum about bears.

So we did!  Bear Trust teamed up with Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Safari Club International, and Inspired Classroom to develop this curriculum, which is ready now for download.

  • Bear Trust signature science-based curriculum
  • Free!
  • Flipped learning where teachers don’t lecture; instead students become the scientists!
  • Targets youth in grades 7-8
  • Meets Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core State Standards, and STEM Standards
  • Students become wood bison scientists as they use real-world data to determine WHERE on the Alaskan landscape a captive herd of wood bison can be restored

This Wood Bison Curriculum includes:

1) Curriculum Overview

2) Introductory Video

3) STEM Lesson:  Where Will the Wood Bison Roam?

A) Teacher Guide and Student Pages

B) Introductory Slide Show

C)  Part II of the Slide Show, which includes results, graphs and other answers to questions.  Part II of the slide show is pass code protected and available only to teachers.  If you are a school teacher or educator at an organization and want the pass code, it’s easy to get.  Just email Bear Trust: info@beartrust.org. We’ll verify your teaching status and then send you the passcode.  Thanks!

D) Extension Lessons:  Teacher Guide and Student Pages

E) Ecology Cards

4) Wood Bison Behavior Lesson

A) Teacher Guide and Student Pages

B) Video clips:

Video Clip #1
Video Clip #2
Video Clip #3
Video Clip #4
Video Clip #5
Video Clip #6
Video Clip #7
Video Clip #8
Long Observation Video Clip

5) Tracks and Trails

A) Teacher Guide and Student Pages

B) Sitka Deer fact sheet

C) Moose fact sheet

D) Wood Bison fact sheet

E) Caribou fact sheet

F) Elk fact sheet



Project Initiatives

Bear trust focuses on 4 primary project initiatives:

  1. Conservation Education
  2. Bear Research & Management
  3. Habitat Conservation
  4. Conservation Policy

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